Louis D’or estate

Relics of the Louis D’or Estate. The Louis D’or  estate was one of the larger estates that also converted from sugar to cocoa production. From a look at the wheel being among the few relics on this site, it is believed that the waterwheel was similar to the one at Arnos Vale. Photographs by  Brian Nurse

2014-03-13 09.33.36
The factory building now in ruins

2014-03-13 09.39.14

2014-03-13 09.36.11
Broken archway to the factory building
2014-03-13 09.37.18
Copper used for the boiling of the cane juice now turned over to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
2014-03-13 09.37.52
Trays on rollers now the location of derelict materials and tools
2014-03-13 09.39.19
Cocoa drying house and roller trays all abandoned to the elements

Relics of the Kings Bay estate

Copyrights©2014 Brian Nurse


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